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Is Isaiah Stewart a victim of the Lakers’ on-court altercation? It is not necessary to face everything.

It’s been a rough start for the Pistons, who’ve been beaten up on a lot. Even though it came from the world’s most renowned athlete, their feisty second-year center wasn’t going to back down from the one he got on Sunday.
One of LeBron James’ eight stitches had to be used to close up the wound on Isaiah Stewart. During a third-quarter scuffle between the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons, Stewart became enraged and needed to be restrained many times.
Pistons coach Dwane Casey stated, “His eye went busted all the way open.” “He was enraged for a good reason. Instead of keeping the momentum we had, it got them going instead of James, who I don’t think is a nasty player.
Pistons are fortunate to have Cade Cunningham, says JEFF SEIDEL This time around, he proved why in the LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart saga
It started with LeBron James, but Isaiah Stewart was ‘totally out of control,’ according to the debaters.

The Pistons had a 12-point advantage in the second half when the fight broke out. However, the Los Angeles Lakers came back to win 121-116, ending the game with a 17-point lead.

During the Jerami Grant free-throw battle between James and DeAndre Jordan, Stewart had a big gash beneath his right eye. Steadfast was knocked down. It wasn’t long after getting out of the car that he started talking to the long-time celebrity.


Isaiah Stewart’s favorite nickname, “Beef Stew,” was given to him by a Pistons fan.
After a bleeding Isaiah Stewart chases down LeBron James in the final minutes of Saturday’s game, the Pistons crumbled.
Stewart and the Detroit Pistons showed their ultimate collaboration earlier this week to assist feed 800 families at the team’s training facility.
According to Scott Foster, the head official, both James and Stewart were dismissed for “several unsportsmanlike behaviors” during the game. His frequent efforts at a fistfight with James and other Lakers related to it.
It will be up to the league administration to decide if any additional penalty is necessary. Casey argued that his second-year center had already received enough punishment.
Casey added, “He shouldn’t be facing anything.” In the event that a player does not leave the court on time, the league will have to make a decision. He had eight stitches on his forehead, or whatever the number of stitches is…. He was inconsolable, his face covered with blood. I don’t foresee any consequences from the league’s point of view, save from his merely (not) leaving the court. That’s what I assumed he was dismissed for. “To me, that’s punishment enough,” he said.
Stewart was restrained by Cade Cunningham, one of the players.
It seemed as if Cunningham was attempting to prevent him from getting into trouble or anything like that.
It’s known as the “Stewart Trade.”
For years, pistons have been constrained in their ability to trade.

Anthony Davis, a Los Angeles Lakers big player, said James was attempting to make amends with Stewart.

According to Davis, “LeBron understands that everyone in the league knows he’s not a filthy man.
In spite of Cunningham’s first career triple-double, the ruckus and the Lakers’ comeback overshadowed the accomplishment. During the Lakers’ 37-17 fourth-quarter victory over the Detroit Pistons Davis and Westbrook were both ruthless, combining for 27 points, nine rebounds, and nine assists. In the closing minutes, Davis had three blocks and two steals.
After generating 27 assists in the first three quarters, the Pistons shot 3-for-18 and had no assists in the last 12 minutes.
Cunningham speculated, “Maybe we just grew tired with moving the ball.”
Next time the Lakers play Stewart, the media will be able to have a better sense of what will happen. There is a Lakers-Pistons game scheduled for this Sunday in Los Angeles, which is a coincidence.
To quote Casey, “the sooner we can get it over with the better,”
As a result of the game, Casey encouraged Stewart not to let the sight of him in an uncontrollable blood fury, having to be restrained from launching an all-out brawl, define his fledgling career.
Casey’s advice to Stewart: “Just keep your head and don’t develop a reputation later.” He’s a tough opponent, and I felt sorry for him because of that. But he’s a lovely kid, and that seemed like a cheap shot across his forehead. On the street, though, things can be different. “It has nothing to do with Isaiah at all.”

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